Rabbit Cage “Penta 2” Metal Floor


Rabbits breeding cage with centralized forage rack of small size fully developed high-strength galvanized sheet, which makes it very versatile and functional in confined spaces. The rabbit cage “Penta 2” comes fully equipped with feed hoppers and automatic waterers for its two departments.

Cage containing two spacious departments, for the well-being of the rabbits. Multipurpose cage, that is, being able to place the nest and hopper where we want for our own comfort. Hinged and spacious doors, high legs to be able to work in the cage or nests without bending down. Cage with the possibility of supplementing another equal cage on top, by joining plastic heels inserted in the cavities of the legs.. Cage that contains a water tank of approximately 10 liters, two metal feeders with two departments and two plates to cover the nest hole when we do not use it, and two logis drinkers

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Cage 100% made of hot dip galvanized sheet.
Totally made with wires 2.7 mm thick, providing greater strength and resistance to all kinds of climates even with high humidity.
Distance between wires 2.5 cm, ideal for avoiding access to other large rodents like rats. In the case of metallic ground, the mesh has a distance of 1 cm and a wire thicker, thus providing greater comfort to the animal.
The hoppers have a capacity of around 2.5 to 3 kg of feed and each hopper has two holes so several young rabbits or adults rabbits can eat from the same hopper, this prevents that a dominant rabbit limits the whole hopper . However, in periods of fattening, it is possible to replace the nest for other additional hopper, multiplying by two the number of supply holes.

MATERIAL : Wire. COLOUR : Metal. LENGTH(cm) : 104,5. WIDTH(cm) : 78,5. HEIGHT(cm) : 119 . WEIGHT(kg) : 14,5 . UNIT/BOX : 1

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 104 × 78 × 119 cm


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