Pigeons Cage “Europe” with legs 6 Sections Back Sheet


Pigeon cage of 1 meter in battery at three height levels of 6 departments. Individual legs that are easy to install using screws, ensuring the stability of the block. Designed to minimize space. Adequate, for the exhibition, breeding and pelting of pigeons. Plate backing, to prevent draft and protection from the sun.

Made of galvanized and lacquered sheet and galvanized wire for enhanced durability.
INCLUDED: 3 Plastic feeders for pigeons. SKU. 70867 (Valued at 30,15 €)

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Removable bottom tray.
Wire mesh ground removable for cleaning.
Back wire or sheet depending on the model.
Sheet metal sides and divisions that prevent vision between departments.
Division folding sheet to unite in a single department.
Galvanized pipe legs.

MATERIAL : Galvanized Sheet. COLOUR : Metal. LENGTH(cm) : 104,5. WIDTH(cm) : 46. HEIGHT(cm) : 168,5 . WEIGHT(kg) : 41,5 . UNIT/BOX : 1

Additional information

Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 104 × 46 × 168 cm


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