Cuni Rabbit Nest


Nest manufactured for a quick assembly, by means of plastic clips, with a slight push we will join all the pieces. Hinged cover and guiding it downwards we will cover the entrance to the mother to be able to examine the kits and prevent us from being scratched or bitten. Easy-to-install tray, by means of guides, with a slight push we will guide it to its place and rotary lock to prevent the tray from coming out. Rabbit entrance protected with a metal ring to prevent them from biting the plastic. Front manufactured with hooks for quick installation, hanging it on the wire wall

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Nest manufactured with highly resistant thermo-plastic. It is easy assembling and sanitizing. Ideal for rabbits breeding and perfectly adaptable to any cage.

Made with resistant Thermo-plastic.
Easy and fast to assemble, without any tools.
Bendable material, difficult to bite or gnaw for rabbits with stainless stell protection.
Resistant to disinfection and cleaning products.
The product is packaged in a box, having a good presence.
Nest entrance is about 140 mm diameter.

MATERIAL : Plastic. COLOUR : Gray. LENGTH(cm) : 42,5. WIDTH(cm) : 29. HEIGHT(cm) : 36,5 . WEIGHT(kg) : 1,73 . UNIT/BOX : 1

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 42 × 29 × 36 cm


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