Cylinder for Males Mod-78


Cylindrical cage, to avoid corners and facilitate mounting. Metallic floor with perforations for the evacuation of excrement. Roof, with folding door and spacious to introduce the rabbit without danger of getting caught, rubbing, etc?. Cage, provided with three legs with outward opening for greater stability and thus we will avoid the fall of the cage itself at the time of mounting. including in the cage, drinker with bottle, hopper with hooks to hang it on the wire mesh and metal forage also adaptable on the wire mesh for forage

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Special cage for male. Challenge of this cage is easier reproduction between rabbits. holes in floor to provide better stabilitys to the male and without any corner where females can not be to take cover. We have gotten the best cage to improve the reproduction in rabbits


MATERIAL : Wire. COLOUR : Metal. LENGTH(cm) : 78,5. WIDTH(cm) : 95. HEIGHT(cm) : 93 . WEIGHT(kg) : 8,75 . UNIT/BOX : 1

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 78 × 95 × 93 cm


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