Under the name Jan Bocheńczak hides a figure whose achievements in pigeon breeding set new standards. It’s not just a passion but also hard work that resulted in the creation of the International Common Pigeon “Giewont,” whose history began in January 2014. Jan not only revolutionized the way these competitions are organized but also gained recognition among pigeon enthusiasts worldwide.

An integral part of this story is the first championships, already organized in the summer of the same year. They proved to be a spectacular success because they managed to bring up to 90% of the flock to the finals. This milestone in the field of common pigeon breeding marked a new era where standards were raised to a new level. Previous pigeonries achieved success rates of only about 30%, making Giewont’s achievements a breakthrough.

The success is attributed to immense determination and hard work. This commitment allowed Giewont to achieve remarkable popularity. The following years were no less successful, and for eight years, Bocheńczak led a pigeonry that housed up to a thousand birds. The year 2021 brought a new chapter in Giewont’s history when it joined the elite ranks of FCI and the World League.

In 2022, it was time for another step forward – a new facility that could accommodate up to three thousand pigeons. It’s worth noting that attractive prizes and professional care attracted a large group of enthusiasts to participate in these unique competitions. The year 2023 turned out to be another proof of Giewont’s exceptional potential, requiring further expansion of pigeonries to accommodate up to four thousand pigeons.

Giewont’s development dynamics are truly impressive. Every year brings new challenges and opportunities. Therefore, in the current year, a decision was made to take a step that emphasizes comprehensive customer service – the creation of an auction portal. This is evidence of the ongoing care to meet breeders’ needs, not only through exceptional care but also comprehensive services.

The year 2024 will certainly not bring a slowdown in pace. Thanks to the dedicated work and attention to the quality of Giewont’s operation, it is gaining more and more participants. Every step taken by Jan Bocheńczak aims to improve the quality of breeding, ensure the highest care for the birds, and provide unforgettable experiences to all pigeon enthusiasts. It’s a success story that continues to develop, leaving unique marks in the world of pigeon breeding.



Familie Soellner DV-02733-23-7511


ring number: DV-02733-23-7511

gender: young chick

nationality: Germany

breeder: Familie Soellner




We have pigeons from the Giewont Common Pigeon available, which have completed the flying program, consisting of 5 competitive flights over the following distances: 90km, 140km, 188km, 240km, and 315km. Additionally, there is an Extreme sixth Final Flight (at a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius and with a wind speed of 30km/h headwind) covering a distance of 435km. These highly preselected pigeons are excellent breeding material and will undoubtedly produce exceptional offspring, which will be valuable for Common Pigeonries and challenging sectional flights.

You can find more information and details about these pigeons here: link



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