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The Masters World Division 2022 thirty-third race: Thailand Masters. 10/01/2023. 530 km. It is the last scoring race for Masters World Cup (Main competition), the last scoring race for Long Distance Championship 2022 and the last scoring race for Top in Finals Championship 2022, it is, the last scoring race of One Loft Racing World League 2022. The best fancier/team of the Masters World Division 2022 participants was Andreas Moeller (Germany).

Andreas Moeller started this race seventh in the ranking of Masters World Cup (Main competition). time was passing and none of the first 6 classified arrived, night came, the pigeons stopped arriving and Andreas Moeller slept as provisional leader, it was only worth it to be champion that the pigeons of the first classified did not arrive the next day either and until 22:00.

But at 11:39:38 a scoring pigeon from Wings 2 Win (third classified) arrived, which put him as the provisional leader at that time, with a 3-hour disadvantage with Pedro Porto and a 10-hour disadvantage with Familie Soellner.

53 minutes later, at 12:32:50, a scoring pigeon from Pedro Porto arrived, taking the provisional lead from Wins 2 Win. The possibility of being champion was reduced at that time to 2 teams, but Familie Soellner finally did not receive any pigeons during that day and so after this race, Pedro Porto (Portugal) was proclaimed Masters World Division 2022 Champion after 33 races.

Pedro Porto (Portugal)



MASTERS WORLD CUP 2022 (Main Competition). FULL TABLE.

MASTERS WORLD CUP 2022 (Main Competition). RESUME.

In the main competition; Masters World Cup, Wins 2 Win (Germany) is the runner-up, Maziarz Racing Team (Poland) is the third classified and the fourth classified; Wrobel Michal Patryk (Poland) completes the group of participants who have managed to score points in all the races, that is, their pigeons score the 8,707 km. flown by pigeons during One Loft Racing World League 2022.

Then comes a group of 6 teams that have only stopped scoring in one race, they are: 5th Andreas Moeller 8.287 km., 6th Joekel Skylights-Team Lumen 8.287 km., 7th Wim Kerkhove 8.287 km., 8th Team Weis-Jungfleisch 8.187 km., 9th Andreas Behlke 8.187 km., and 10th Familie Soellner 8.187 km.


But these results, on the other hand, did help Wings 2 Win to win the long distance championshipn, so Wings 2 Win (Germany)  is the Long Distance Championship 2022 Champion after 19 races. For Long Distance Championship score the races with about 200 km or more of the 6 scoring One Loft Races of Masters World Division.

Wings 2 Win (Germany)


LONG DISTANCE Championship 2022.


Besides, this race was the last scoring race for Top in Finals Championship 2022. Pedro Porto was the leader in this last race, and obtained 2 points (In total 12 points), extending his advantage with his pursuers who obtained 0 or 1 points. So Pedro Porto (Portugal)  is the Top in Finals Championship 2022. Top in Finals is a championship of 6 races (The 6 One Loft Races Final Races). The team will obtain a point for each pigeon checked between the first 25% (of the basketed) of pigeons received in each final race. In case of a tie, it will be broken by the sum of the times of the classified pigeons. We also want to highlight that Emiel Denys (Belgium) has been the Top in Finals Championship 2022 Runner-Up, and the Top in Finals Championship 2021 Runner-Up, which shows the great performance of his pigeons in the final races, that the 3rd Place is for Familie Soellner (Germany) (Masters World Cup Champion in 2018, 2019 and 2021), and that Mohamed Rida Gzouly (Morocco) is the 4th Place in his first participation in the Masters World Division of One Loft Racing World League.

Pedro Porto (Portugal)


Finally we want to thank all of you who make this competition possible; participants, OLRs, collaborators and fanciers followers. From now on we start with One Loft Racing World League 2023.

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Best regards from One Loft Racing World League team.

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