Semi Final RACE 4

  • Release Point: São Lourenço
  • Info: Due to intense fog we moved to Monforte 230Kms also without conditions w waited and we mved to Veiros 225 Kms but to make a realease at 10:30am we needed to move to São Lourenço and release the birds at the distance of 205 kms. So pigeons will make almost 600Kms in one week. Good luck all participants.
  • Distance: 205 km
  • Release Time: 23.09.2022 10:30:00 (GMT +1:00)
  • basketed Pigeons: 2349


After a difficult morning to release birds in good conditions we moved the truck, 3 times to find good conditions and we release already with 23degrees of temperaturee in Algarve we have 28 degrees expecting the birds. 10.30 AM 225km Good luck to all participants. Pigeons will make almost 600 km this week on the last 3 races. Good luck to all participants




Scoring race for One Loft Racing World League

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